Mikel Arteta:阿森纳再次对阵南安普敦

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Mikel Arteta insists Arsenal "shot themselves in the foot" again after Gabriel Magalhaes was sent off in their 1-1 draw with Southampton

加布里埃尔·玛格海斯(Gabriel Magalhaes)在与南安普敦的1-1平局中被罚出后,米克尔·阿塔塔(Mikel Arteta)坚持认为阿森纳再次“开枪打死”

The Brazilian defender was sent off in the 62nd minute after being shown two yellow cards in the space of four minutes, first for kicking the ball away and then fouling Theo Walcott after the forward had turned him on halfway


The red card, which came at a time when the Gunners were starting to control the game, put a stop to Arsenal"s recovery after Pierre- Emerick Aubameyang scored his first goal in six matches to cancel out Walcott"s 18th-minute opener

红牌是在枪手开始控制比赛的时候出现的,在皮埃尔·埃默里克·奥巴梅扬(Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang)在六场比赛中攻入他的第一个进球以取消沃尔科特(Walcott)的第18分钟揭幕战后,阿森纳的恢复就停止了

Arsenal held on for a much-needed point, which halted a run of three straight defeats in the Premier League, however, Arteta was left frustrated after his side were reduced to 10 men for the second straight game following Granit Xhaka"s red card in last Sunday"s 1-0 defeat to Burnley

阿森纳坚持了一个急需的观点,这终止了英超联赛中连续三场失利的局面,但是,在上周日的格拉尼特·卡卡(Granit Xhaka)获得红牌之后,阿尔塔塔(Arteta)在球队连续第二场比赛减少至10人后感到沮丧。 1-0击败伯恩利

Match report and highlights - Arsenal 1-1 SouthamptonBernd Leno: Blame Arsenal"s players, not ArtetaHow the teams lined up at the Emirates | Match statsPremier League table | Fixtures | Results"We showed resilience and character""The fact that we played 35 minutes with 10 men, we have to take the point," said Arteta

比赛报告和要闻-阿森纳1-1南安普敦伯恩·莱诺:怪阿森纳的球员,而不是阿塔塔。球队如何在阿联酋排队? 比赛统计高级联赛表| 治具| 结果“我们表现出韧性和性格”“我们与10个人打了35分钟的比赛,我们必须要抓住重点,” Arteta说

"We showed some resilience and character to hang in there for so long against a really dangerous team


"But at the same time we are disappointed because we came back after conceding the goal, we showed how much we wanted it, we created some situations and after half-time we corrected a few things


"We came back really strong in the game, we scored a good goal, and when we had the best moment again we shot ourselves in the foot


"That obviously makes it a little bit harder." "It"s difficult to compete with 10 men" Arsenal have now had three red cards in their last five league matches after Xhaka"s moment of madness against Burnley and Nicolas Pepe"s head-butt on defender Ezgjan Alioski in his side"s 0-0 draw with Leeds last month

“这显然使它变得有点困难。” “很难与10名男子竞争”阿森纳在上个月对伯恩利的疯狂时刻和尼古拉斯·佩佩对后卫埃兹詹·阿里奥斯基的头撞中,在上个月与利兹的0比0战中,阿森纳在最近五场联赛中已经获得三张红牌。

And since Arteta"s first Premier League game in charge at the club (Boxing Day 2019), the Gunners have been shown seven red cards, four more than any other Premier League side during in this period


"It is very difficult to compete in this league when you play such a long period with 10 men," the Spaniard added波克城市斗地主

西班牙人补充说:“当你与10个人一起玩这么长时间时,要参加这个联赛非常困难。” 波克城市斗地主

"It makes it more difficult and complicated, but I think that the boys stand up for it and they showed again a lot of character and resilience


"They never gave up and after 1-0, I was worried, because after this moment you can start to see players hiding


But they did completely the opposite." A turning point for Arsenal? Despite his players" ill-discipline, just as they did in securing a point at Leeds, Arsenal showed plenty of character in battling back and holding on for a point, and Arteta insists this small step in the right direction must spark a full-scale recovery for the listing Gunners

但是,他们却完全相反。 坚持朝着正确方向迈出的这一小步必须激发上市枪手全面复苏

Asked if the manner of the fightback could prove the start of a genuine recovery, Arteta replied: "Yeah I agree, yes, because if you lose that game at the end it would have been really difficult to take


The players showed what we expect them to do, so at least the work is there


"I saw all the players that weren"t participating and they were in the stands, shouting and right behind the team


It"s a really strong signal as well and I"m really pleased with that." Live football on | Get " 2 for 1 channel offerWalcott sensed "fear" at Arsenal; Arteta: He didn"t say that to me Finally, Southampton forward Walcott revealed he sensed "fear" in the Arsenal ranks after netting against his former club

这也是一个非常强烈的信号,我对此感到非常满意。”现场足球直播|获得2合1频道报价沃尔科特在阿森纳感觉到了“恐惧”;阿尔塔塔:他没有对我说最后,南安普顿前锋沃尔科特 在与他的前俱乐部对阵后,透露他在阿森纳排名中感到“恐惧”

However, Arteta admitted that Walcott did not say anything of that ilk to him when the two had a post-match chat


波克城市斗地主 "I was going to say that I just spoke with him and he never mentioned that to me," Arteta said


"He mentioned other things but not that


If he"s said that, it"s his feeling."



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