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" Andy Walker offers his predictions as we head into another weekend of Scottish Premiership action

当我们进入苏格兰英超联赛的另一个周末时,安迪·沃克(Andy Walker)提供了他的预测

Download the Scottish Football Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox | Spreaker Rangers vs Motherwell - Saturday, 3pmEveryone was taken by surprise when St Mirren managed to become the first Scottish side in nine months to defeat Rangers on Wednesday night, the chance of securing the first trophy of the season has gone for Steven Gerrard

在以下位置下载苏格兰足球播客:Spotify | 苹果| Castbox | Spreaker游骑兵vs马瑟韦尔-星期六,下午3时,当圣米伦在周三晚上成为九个月来击败游骑兵的苏格兰第一支球队时,每个人都感到惊讶,史蒂芬·杰拉德获得了本赛季首个奖杯的机会

Having gone 27 games unbeaten, no one thought that run would end in Paisley


Realistically though, the only show in town this season is the league title for Rangers and they have a chance of extending their lead at the top of the table to 16 points with a win, given that Celtic are on Scottish Cup final duty on Sunday


Alfredo Morelos will be missing for Rangers after the club accepted a retrospective two-game ban after the Colombian"s yellow card offence last weekend at Tannadice was upgraded to a red


Motherwell travel to Ibrox in poor form having lost at home to St Mirren last time out but in Declan Gallagher, Alan Campbell and Tony Watt, they do have players capable of playing well on a big stage

马瑟韦尔(Motherwell)以糟糕的状态前往伊布罗克斯(Ibrox),但上次在主场却输给了圣米伦(St Mirren),但在德克兰·加拉格尔(Declan Gallagher),艾伦·坎贝尔(Alan Campbell)和托尼·瓦特(Tony Watt)中,他们确实有能力在大舞台上表现出色

Andy Walker"s prediction: 2-1 Hibs vs Dundee United - Saturday, 3pmHibs are enjoying a good spell at the moment, winning their last four games in all competitions

安迪·沃克(Andy Walker)的预测:2-1希伯斯vs邓迪联队-星期六,下午3点小牛队目前表现不错,在所有比赛中都赢了最后四场比赛

I saw them dismantle Hamilton last weekend when they could have won by an even more convincing margin than the four goals they got


Kevin Nisbet was in tremendous form, as well as getting a goal his game outside the box was very impressive

凯文·尼斯贝特(Kevin Nisbet)表现出色,而且在进球前打入一球非常令人印象深刻

It won"t be easy against a United side who ran Rangers close in a narrow 2-1 defeat at Tannadice


Micky Mellon has his team well organised and hard to beat but it"s the number of potential matchwinners on the home side that should see them edge it

米奇·梅隆(Micky Mellon)的团队组织严密,不易被击败,但应该是主队潜在的比赛获胜者人数众多

Andy Walker"s prediction: 1-0 Ross County vs Hamilton - Saturday, 3pmStuart Kettlewell is very quickly finding out that life back in the top-flight has a harsh reality to it

安迪·沃克(Andy Walker)的预测:1-0罗斯郡vs汉密尔顿-星期六,下午3点斯图尔特·基特韦尔很快就发现,重返巅峰的生活实在是太残酷了

His team are now nine league games without a win and have slipped to the bottom of the table


It"s remarkable that in the middle of that spell they were able to beat Celtic in Glasgow on League Cup duty, a win that highlights what they are capable of


nba东部排名 Securing all three points here would lift them off the bottom of the table


Accies, despite losing 11 of their league games and conceding a league-high 40 goals, know how to win the big games against sides around them


They"ve been doing it for years and despite losing heavily last weekend at home to Hibs, I can see them bouncing back quickly here


Andy Walker"s prediction: 1-2 St Mirren vs St Johnstone - Saturday, 3pm What a week for Jim Goodwin and his men! They produced a result against all the odds by beating Rangers in the League Cup, scoring three goals into the bargain and securing a place in the semi-finals

安迪·沃克(Andy Walker)的预测:圣米伦1-2对圣约翰斯通-星期六,下午3点,吉姆·古德温和他的手下真是一个星期! 他们在联赛杯中击败游骑兵,打进三球并在半决赛中取得一席之地,从而在各种可能性下取得了结果

This outstanding result came on the back of a vital win at Fir Park last weekend against Motherwell to take them off the foot of the table


Can they build on that with another victory over Calum Davidson"s men? Well, they too secured a place in the semi-finals of the League Cup with a win over Dunfermline on penalties

他们可以在击败卡卢姆·戴维森(Calum Davidson)的士兵的基础上进一步发展吗? 好吧,他们也以点球战胜了邓弗姆林的方式在联赛杯半决赛中赢得了一席之地

nba东部排名Their recent form had been good, holding Celtic to a draw in Glasgow while on an 11-game unbeaten run, but defeat at home to Livingston ended that impressive streak


I can"t separate the two sides


Andy Walker"s prediction: 0-0 Kilmarnock vs Aberdeen - Sunday, 12pm, live on FootballKilmarnock boss Alex Dyer wasn"t too impressed with his players last weekend at Celtic Park when they started the match well but fell away badly in the second half

安迪·沃克(Andy Walker)的预测:0-0基尔马诺克(Kalmarnock)vs阿伯丁(Aberdeen)-现场直播足球赛,上周末在凯尔特公园(Keltic Park),基尔马诺克(Kilmarnock)老板亚历克斯·代尔(Alex Dyer)对他的球员并不太印象深刻,但他们下半场表现不佳

In reality though, Dyer has been able to rely on his players more often than not this season and a home game against an Aberdeen side who beat Ross County last weekend will be tough


nba东部排名 It"s extraordinary to think that Kilmarnock have only managed one victory in their last 26 league meetings with Derek McInnes" men

nba东部排名认为基尔马诺克在与德里克·麦金尼斯(Derek McInnes)的男人的最近26场联赛中仅取得一场胜利是非同寻常的

Right now, Killie are struggling to score goals while Aberdeen have only lost one of their last 12 away league games


Curtis Main was given a chance in attack against Ross County and he took it, scoring both goal in a 2-0 home win

柯蒂斯·梅因(Curtis Main)有机会进攻罗斯县(Ross County),他抓住了这一机会,在2-0主场胜利中进球

Andy Walker"s prediction: 1-2



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