莱昂内尔·梅西(Lionel Messi):在西甲赛季开始时巴塞罗那退出传奇的形成

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遮天下载Lionel Messi admits the drama which surrounded attempted exit from Barcelona this summer affected his form at the start of the season

遮天下载莱昂内尔·梅西(Lionel Messi)承认,这个夏天围绕试图从巴塞罗那退出的戏剧影响了他本赛季初的表现

The 33-year-old Argentina forward told Barcelona he wanted out after nearly two decades at the club, sending a document, via burofax [a form of recorded delivery provided by Spain"s postal service], expressing his desire to activate a release clause that would end his contract

这位33岁的阿根廷前锋告诉巴塞罗那,他在俱乐部待了近二十年后想要退出,他通过burofax(西班牙邮政提供的一种有记录的交付方式)发送了一份文件,表示他希望激活一个释放条款, 终止合同

After days of back-and-forth over the issue, Messi agreed to stay, with Barcelona and La Liga insistent the forward"s 700m release clause had to be paid in full to trigger a move


Lionel Messi scores 643rd Barcelona goal to equal Pele record"Mohamed Salah left door open for Barcelona, Real Madrid"Euro round-up: Barca comeback stuns Real SociedadDespite keeping hold of the six-time Ballon d"Or winner, Barca have struggled on the pitch this season, winning just six of their 13 league matches so far and sit fifth in La Liga, eight points behind Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid

莱昂内尔·梅西(Leonel Messi)取得第643个巴塞罗那进球,与贝利(Bele)记录保持一致"穆罕默德·萨拉(Mohamed Salah)离开巴塞罗那为皇家马德里打开大门 本赛季投球,到目前为止仅赢了13场联赛中的6场,在西甲排名第五,落后于马德里竞技和皇家马德里八分

Opening up on his summer saga, Messi told LaSexta: "I had a really bad time of things in the summer


It had been building up


"What happened before the summer, what with how the season ended, the burofax and all the rest of it


I ended up carrying that over a bit into the start of this season." Barcelona were rocked by further off-field issues when Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned as club president in October, following heavy criticism of his handling of Messi"s attempt to leave

我结束了这个赛季的开始。” 10月,约瑟夫·玛丽亚·巴托梅乌(Josep Maria Bartomeu)辞去俱乐部主席职务后,巴塞罗那进一步受到场外问题的困扰,此前他对梅西试图离开梅西的企图提出了严厉批评。

Barca forward Antoine Griezmann has also had to deny talk of a rift with Messi and distanced himself from comments about his team-mate from his former agent and his uncle

巴萨前锋安托万·格里兹曼(Antoine Griezmann)也不得不否认与梅西的裂痕,并远离前任经纪人和叔叔对队友的评论

Griezmann"s former agent Eric Olhats had accused Messi of having too much control at the club, saying his "reign of terror" had made life difficult for the France forward to adapt since his arrival last year

格里兹曼的前经纪人埃里克·奥哈特斯(Eric Olhats)指责梅西对俱乐部的控制过多,称自从他去年到任以来,他的“恐怖统治”使法国前锋难以适应

In response, Messi said he felt tired of being blamed for problems at Barcelona and is feeling positive again now, having recently equalled Pele"s record of 643 goals for a single club after scoring in Barcelona"s 2-2 draw with Valencia on Saturday


"I"m feeling good at the moment," Messi said


"I"m raring to really fight for everything that lies ahead


"I"m excited


遮天下载I know that the club is having a tough time of things, both on and off the field, and everything related to Barcelona is a bit tricky right now, but I"m feeling hungry."



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