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It is just before 7am at Rotherham United"s training ground on a typically autumnal South Yorkshire morning this week


The players are not due in for another couple of hours but several members of the Millers backroom are already getting changed into their running gear


Throughout November this committed group have been running 10 kilometres every morning before their daily work begins, in order to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK under the fundraising banner of Prostate United

在整个11月中,这个敬业的小组每天早上在每天的工作开始前跑10公里,以便在Prostate United的筹款旗帜下为UK Prostate Cancer筹集资金。

These scenes of dedication are being repeated elsewhere, too


Just down the road at Sheffield United"s Shirecliffe training base there are 14 members of the backroom and academy staff preparing for their own fundraising assignment


Exercise bikes are being set up on the club"s indoor pitch


The Blades fundraisers are cycling 25km each day for the same cause


Similar efforts are taking place at Norwich City, Preston North End and other clubs


This week there has been added poignancy to the initiative, following the passing of former Liverpool and England goalkeeper Ray Clemence, who fought the disease heroically for the past 15 years

在前利物浦和英格兰守门员雷·克莱门斯(Ray Clemence)去世之后,本周这项倡议又增加了辛辣。

The backroom staff initiative was first started by Stephen Gilpin, Head of Medical at Rotherham, back in 2018."Ten years ago my grandad lost his battle with Prostate Cancer and for the years that followed I wondered how I could emulate him as he was a big inspiration to me," says Gilpin

幕后员工计划最初是由罗瑟勒姆(Rotherham)的医学负责人斯蒂芬·吉尔平(Stephen Gilpin)于2018年发起的。“十年前,我的祖父输掉了与前列腺癌的战斗,在随后的几年里,我一直在想我如何模仿他,给我很大的启发。”吉尔平说

"I remember being sat at home watching the Iron Cowboy documentary on Netflix, where this guy was doing an iron man every day across all the states of America, for 50 consecutive days

“我记得当时坐在家里看Netflix上的Iron Cowboy纪录片,这个家伙每天在全美各地做一个钢铁侠,连续50天。

So I came into work and said to Ross Burbeary [Performance Manager], "Do you fancy doing 10k a day throughout November?" He took a minute to think about it and that is where the challenge was born." Lockdown has made it harder for the runners, with the group splitting up once out on the streets in order to adhere to social distancing regulations, but they can stay together in their bubble at the training ground or when doing laps of the pitch at the New York Stadium

因此,我开始工作,并对Ross Burbeary [绩效经理]说:“您想在整个11月每天做1万个吗?”他花了一分钟的时间思考这个问题,这就是挑战的源头。”锁定使跑步者更加困难,为了遵守社会疏散规定,该小组在大街上一度分裂,但他们可以留下来一起在训练场的泡泡中或在纽约体育场进行几圈比赛时

wow金币"I"m a bit of a weirdo, I do enjoy a run and I"m a bit of a workhorse during pre-season," Burbeary adds


wow金币"I think the biggest thing about all this is that you can put an arm around each other, drag each other through, you can tell each other about your aches and pains and it"s just about helping each other along the way." The fitness staff have even roped in the club"s press officer, Sam Todd, for this year"s event

wow金币“我认为所有这一切的最大好处是,您可以互相缠绕,互相拖动,可以将彼此的痛苦和痛苦告诉彼此,而这仅仅是在互相帮助的过程中。”在今年的活动中,健身人员甚至吸引了俱乐部新闻官员萨姆·托德(Sam Todd)

The media man confesses to not being a morning person and has had his work cut out to keep pace with Gilpin and co, but halfway through the month he is hanging on in there and flying the flag for his department


Ray Clemence obituary: Deckchair attendant to Liverpool"s greatest "keeperNathan Winder, Sheffield United"s Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach, is coordinating his club"s challenge on the bikes as the staff aim to raise 1,200 in the first two weeks of the challenge

雷·克莱门斯(Ray Clemence)itu告:利物浦最伟大的“门将”席菲特(Nathan Winder),谢菲尔德联队的主力和状态教练陪同他在俱乐部对自行车的挑战进行协调,因为工作人员的目标是在挑战的前两周提高1200

"Luke has biked from Jon o" Groats to Lands" End, and then ran across the country as well," Little sayswow金币

利特尔说:“卢克(Luke)从约翰·格罗亚特(John o"Groats)骑自行车到了兰兹恩德(Lands"End),然后在全国范围内奔跑。”wow金币

"He is still suffering from health issues because of that but he"s still putting himself on the line to do the challenge as well, which shows what an incredible guy he is." All the clubs involved are being supported by their management, staff and supporters


Rotherham boss Paul Warne believes the fundraising cause has a wider benefit to the club

罗瑟勒姆老板保罗·沃恩(Paul Warne)认为,筹款活动为俱乐部带来了更大的利益

"We"re a fit group and I like my fitness group to be right up there and lead by example," he says


"The coaching staff join in, too


We"ve got Swansea away this weekend so we"ll all run with them on Saturday morning


It"s good that the players can see that all the members of staff we have here live a disciplined life and I think it"s really good for their mental health, because it"s a stressful job at times." You can support these dedicated backroom staff by donating to the cause here: https://www.justgiving.com/team/prostateunited



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