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Vinny O"Connor joined the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast to assess Liverpool"s growing injury list and how it will affect Jurgen Klopp"s team selection and tactics against Leicester on Sunday

温尼·奥康纳(Vinny O"Connor)加入了Pitch to Post Preview Podcast,以评估利物浦不断增长的伤病名单,以及这将如何影响周日对阵于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)的球队选择和对阵莱斯特的战术

The international break has done little to help Klopp"s side


Joe Gomez suffered a serious knee injury, Jordan Henderson also picked up a knock on England duty and Mo Salah tested positive for coronavirus

乔·戈麦斯(Joe Gomez)膝关节严重受伤,乔丹·亨德森(Jordan Henderson)也取消了英格兰的职责,而莫萨拉(Mo Salah)的冠状病毒检测呈阳性

That list of problems could barely come at a worse time for the Premier League champions, who face this season"s early pace-setters Leicester live on Premier League this Sunday from 7pm; Kick-off at 7.15pm, with the Foxes on a six-game winning run


Mo Salah returns another positive Covid-19 testLiverpool defender Rhys Williams suffers knee issueJordan Henderson injury adds to Liverpool woes Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox Avoiding defeat would be enough for Liverpool to surpass their unbeaten home league run of 63 games, and News reporter O"Connor told the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast things may not be as bad as they seem given the club"s recent run of results

Mo Salah再次获得Covid-19正面测试的利物浦后卫Rhys Williams膝盖受伤乔丹·亨德森(Jordan Henderson)伤病加剧了利物浦的困境。苹果| Castbox避免失败就足以让利物浦超越他们不败的主场联赛63场比赛,而且新闻记者奥康纳(O"Connor)告诉Pitch to Post Preview Podcast事情似乎并没有像俱乐部最近的结果那样糟糕

"Result-wise, Liverpool rattled off five straight wins before the Man City draw," he told the podcast


"They"ve only lost once all season, twice if you include the Arsenal penalty shoot-out in the League Cup


"Even going back to that Aston Villa defeat, they had a full-strength side out


They"ve got the chance this weekend to go back to the top of the table, they"re at home to Leicester, they"ve equalled the club-record 63 league games unbeaten at home


They"ve obviously been able to cope with the injuries they"ve picked up since the Villa game


移动游戏基地PL predictions: Jose to master declining Manchester CityWatch Liverpool vs Leicester with a Now TV Day Pass | Get "There"s an opportunity for those coming in, Nat Phillips and Rhys Williams are two who have risen to the challenge already this season, they"ve found a way to win, Jurgen Klopp has changed formation now and again but they"ve found a way to be consistent in their results

移动游戏基地PL预测:何塞将通过Now TV Day Pass掌握下降的曼城对阵利物浦对莱斯特|得到“有机会进来的人,纳特·菲利普斯(Nat Phillips)和里斯·威廉姆斯(Rhys Williams)已经是本赛季已经迎接挑战的两个人,他们已经找到了获胜的方式,尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)一次又一次改变了阵型,但他们发现了结果保持一致的方式

"Yes injuries have impacted on them, but they have been able to utilise that squad and grind out those results which have kept them in contention." Who will line up for Liverpool?Liverpool could have their entire first-choice back four absent with Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold both missing games over the international break, and Van Dijk and Gomez already both ruled out with long-term injuries

“是的,受伤对他们造成了影响,但他们已经能够利用那支球队,并且磨碎了使他们陷入竞争的那些结果。”谁将为利物浦排队?利物浦可能会在安德鲁·罗伯森(Andrew Robertson)和特伦特·亚历山大·阿诺德(Trent Alexander-Arnold)缺席的情况下让他们的全部第一选择缺席四场比赛,而范迪杰克和戈麦斯都已经排除了长期受伤的可能

In attack, Salah looks set to miss out for the first time this season, having been absent for only four of Liverpool"s league games since the start of 2018/19, giving Klopp a challenge in how to re-organise his front line - but with new arrival Diogo Jota in superb form

在进攻方面,萨拉赫看起来将首次错过本赛季,自2018/19赛季开始以来仅缺席了利物浦的四场联赛比赛,这给克洛普带来了如何重组前线的挑战-但随着全新的Diogo Jota精湛的造型

"With Salah out, you might expect a return to the 4-3-3 but it depends on the injury situation around the club," said O"Connor


"Liverpool will be looking to keep Jamie Vardy quiet, they haven"t kept a clean sheet in the Premier League since the second week of the season, and we"ve seen what great form Vardy is in


If Fabinho is fit and comes in, that"s a boost for Liverpool, but attack-wise how will they cope without Salah? Download the Scores App: Apple | AndroidThe UK"s No 1 scores app: Find out more"Looking back at the Aston Villa game, and there was a feeling that missing Sadio Mane affected Liverpool quite a bit, and now what role will Diogo Jota play if he replaces him, and can they keep those kind of levels? We"ve asked the question of Klopp of whether he"s now got a front four, and maybe this will give us some indication of whether that"s the case." Will injuries force Klopp"s hand in January?Klopp has previously bitten back at suggestions Liverpool should have added another centre-back in the summer after selling Dejan Lovren to Zenit St Petersburg, but with Gomez and Van Dijk both missing for at least most of the rest of the campaign, Liverpool are short on options in defence

如果法比尼奥很健康并且进来,那对利物浦是一个推动,但是在进攻方面,如果没有萨拉赫,他们将如何应对?下载Scores应用程序:Apple |回顾英国的阿斯顿维拉比赛,感觉缺少萨迪奥·曼内恩对利物浦的影响很大。现在,如果迪奥戈·乔塔接替他,迪奥戈·乔塔将扮演什么角色,他们可以吗?保持这样的水平?我们问过克洛普(Klopp)他现在是否有前四名的问题,也许这会给我们一些表明情况是否如此的信息。”伤病会迫使克洛普在1月份受伤吗?克洛普此前曾对利物浦表示反对,认为利物浦在将德扬·洛夫伦出售给泽尼特圣彼得堡后应该在夏天增加一名中后卫,但戈麦斯和范迪克都至少缺席了在这场运动中,利物浦缺少防守选择

Even with that, O"Connor believes there is still no guarantee Klopp will add to his ranks at the back when the January transfer window comes around


"On the face of it, we"d say they all need to bring players in!" he said


"But the noises coming out of Anfield, and Jurgen Klopp isn"t one for normally dipping into the January window, is looking much the same as before


That said, they said they wouldn"t do much business in the summer and ended up signing Alcantara and Jota


"We"ve seen Kabak linked from Schalke, and I know it"s stating the obvious but talking about Jurgen Klopp not generally bringing players in during January, he generally moves in the transfer market with a long-term plan


移动游戏基地He"s not one of these managers who goes for a kind of stop-gap measure


The one I can remember is Steven Caulker, when he came in on loan during a defensive crisis, and he ended up playing more as a centre-forward! "The noises coming out of Anfield at the moment are that they won"t do any business, but there"s always that caveat that something might turn up and if they need to, they have the means to bring players in." Liverpool set to be decimated against LeicesterAnalysis by " Richard Morgan: Liverpool will be without a whole host of first-team stars when they take on Premier League leaders Leicester at Anfield - live on - on Sunday night

我记得的是史蒂文·考克(Steven Caulker),当时他在防守危机中借钱入场,最终他扮演了更多的中锋角色! “目前从安菲尔德发出的声音是,他们不会做任何事情,但总有一些警告可能会出现一些情况,如果需要,他们有办法吸引球员。”理查德·摩根(Richard Morgan)分析说,利物浦将被莱斯特击败。利物浦在周日晚上与安菲尔德的英超联赛领袖莱斯特进行比赛时将没有一线明星

Jordan Henderson, Andy Robertson and Rhys Williams are the latest players to join the club"s lengthening injury list after picking up problems while away on international duty

乔丹·亨德森(Jordan Henderson),安迪·罗伯森(Andy Robertson)和里斯·威廉姆斯(Rhys Williams)是最近出差的球员,他们在出任国际职务时遇到了麻烦

Henderson was withdrawn at half-time of England"s 2-0 loss in Belgium on Sunday after experiencing tightness in a back muscle, while Robertson missed Scotland"s 1-0 defeat to Slovakia earlier that day with a tight hamstring


移动游戏基地The Liverpool captain will now be assessed by the club"s medical staff after returning early from the England camp, although Robertson played the entire 90 minutes of Scotland"s 1-0 loss in Israel on Wednesday, and both players are expected to feature this weekend


And Liverpool are also believed to be confident Williams will have recovered from the minor hip issue that saw the young central defender sent home from England U21 duty on Tuesday in time to be considered to face the Foxes


However, one Liverpool player who will not be lining up against Brendan Rodgers"s side on Sunday is top scorer Mohamed Salah, who tested positive for Covid-19 while on international duty with Egypt on Friday, before returning another positive test on Wednesday that is expected to rule the forward out of the club"s next three matches

然而,一名不会在周日与布伦丹·罗杰斯队对阵的利物浦球员是最佳射手穆罕默德·萨拉(Mohamed Salah),他在周五在埃及的国际任务中对Covid-19的测试呈阳性,随后在周三又进行了一次阳性测试,预计将会排除俱乐部接下来三场比赛的前锋

All of which adds to the current problems facing manager Jurgen Klopp, who has already lost centre-backs Virgin van Dijk and Joe Gomez to long-term knee injuries, while Liverpool"s defence will also be missing regular right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold due to a calf strain sustained in their last league outing at Man City

所有这些都增加了主教练尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)当前面临的问题,后者已经因长期膝盖受伤而失去了中后卫维珍·范·迪克(Virgin van Dijk)和乔·戈麦斯(Joe Gomez),而利物浦的防守也将由于常规右后卫特伦特·亚历山大·阿诺德(Trent Alexander-Arnold)他们在曼城上一次联赛中承受的小腿劳损

Meanwhile, Klopp may even be unable to use versatile holding midfielder Fabinho as cover in defence against Leicester, with the Brazilian still recovering from the hamstring strain he picked up against FC Midtjylland at the end of October


Midfield is also a problem area for the German, with summer signing Thiago Alcantara still suffering the after-effects from the knee injury he sustained against Everton on October 17, although there is hope the playmaker may be fit enough to play some part against the Foxes


However, the same cannot be said of fellow midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who injured his knee in pre-season training at the end of August and is still yet to resume training

但是,中场球员亚历克斯·奥克斯拉德·钱伯兰(Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain)的情况却是如此,他在八月底的季前训练中膝盖受伤,至今仍未恢复训练

Pitch to Post Preview: Alan Smith on Pep"s City contract and Arsenal"s issues; plus Liverpool"s injury crisis, and secrets to Saints" success Alan Smith joins Peter Smith on this week"s Pitch to Post Preview Podcast to discuss Pep Guardiola"s new Man City contract, Tottenham"s title hopes and what"s going wrong at Arsenal

投稿前瞻:艾伦·史密斯(Alan Smith):关于佩普的《城市合同》和阿森纳的问题;加上利物浦的伤病危机,以及圣徒取得成功的秘诀,艾伦·史密斯(Alan Smith)与彼得·史密斯(Peter Smith)一起参加了本周的“ Pitch to Post Preview Podcast”,讨论瓜迪奥拉的新曼城合同,托特纳姆热刺的冠军希望以及阿森纳发生了什么问题

Plus, News reporter Vinny O"Connor has the latest on Liverpool"s growing injury list ahead of their clash with Leicester, and his colleague Mark McAdam lifts the lid on Southampton"s strong start to the season

另外,新闻记者温尼·奥康纳(Vinny O"Connor)在与莱切斯特发生冲突之前,获得了利物浦不断增加的伤病名单上的最新消息,而他的同事马克·麦克亚当(Mark McAdam)则为南安普敦本赛季的强劲开局奠定了基础

And football journalist Ron Walker talks Leicester and West Ham, and makes his Pitch for what will happen in the Premier League this weekend

足球记者罗恩·沃克(Ron Walker)与莱斯特和西汉姆进行会谈,并就本周末英超联赛的情况发表自己的看法

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