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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes prioritising results over style is what has made his Tottenham counterpart Jose Mourinho so successful

利物浦主教练尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)认为,将结果放在首位而不是风格是托特纳姆热刺队主席穆里尼奥取得如此成功的原因

The Reds boss said in the key moments, the Portuguese is happy to abandon all else in the pursuit of victory


Klopp"s side won plaudits across the board for the way they played their way to a first league title in 30 years last season but he accepts there are other ways of getting the job done and he respects Mourinho for his focused will to win大连天健棋牌下载

克洛普(Klopp)的一面赢得了上赛季30年来第一个联赛冠军的方式赢得了广泛的赞誉,但他接受其他完成工作的方式,并且他尊重穆里尼奥(Mourinho)的执着意志 大连天健棋牌下载

"I think with the very long time Jose Mourinho has been successful in the football business, he played pretty much all different systems and a lot of different styles," said Klopp


"As a coach you have to adapt to the quality you have and mix up the ideas you have and that is one of the best skills of Jose Mourinho


"At the end of the day it is all about getting results and that is the best skill of Jose because in the decisive moments he is not bothered about style he is just bothered about the result and that makes him the most successful manager around and I respect that." Klopp unsure if Matip will face SpursJose: Do Liverpool really have injury problem?Will Jose"s Spurs pass greatest test yet this term?The pair meet in a top-of-the-table Premier League clash on Wednesday, two years to the day since Liverpool"s 3-1 victory over Manchester United heralded the Portuguese"s sacking two days later

“归根结底,这一切都是取得成果,这是何塞的最佳技能,因为在决定性的时刻,他不关心风格,他只关心结果,这使他成为了我周围最成功的经理 尊重这一点。” 克洛普不确定马蒂普是否会面对马刺乔斯:利物浦真的有伤病吗?何塞的马刺本学期能否通过最大考验?两人周三在一场顶级英超联赛交锋中相遇,距利物浦的比赛已经两年了。 两天后3-1击败曼联的胜利宣告了葡萄牙人的解雇

In that game Mourinho sent Marouane Fellaini on at half-time in preference to Paul Pogba in an attempt to stifle their hosts and leave with a point - but it was a tactic that did not work

在那场比赛中,穆里尼奥在半场比赛中送给了Marouane Fellaini而不是Paul Pogba,试图扼杀他们的东道主并留下一点点,但这是行不通的

Mourinho has Tottenham playing some attacking football but Klopp does not believe it is fair to judge then and now


大连天健棋牌下载"I don"t think you can compare the last game of Man United with the way they play now


From a confidence level it is completely different," he added大连天健棋牌下载

从置信水平来看,完全不同。” 大连天健棋牌下载

"Has he reinvented himself? I don"t know - it looks a little bit like that when you see him on Instagram! "But apart from that he is just so experienced and smart he knows what to do


I think he asked for time at the beginning and obviously it paid off


"Tottenham have the quality of the top teams and when they have the ball they show that


"They defend like a top team and at the moment probably have the best counter-attacking movements


"It is not that they play just a little bit of football, they are a proper package at the moment but that doesn"t cost me confidence when I think about my team


It is business as usual."



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