Ole Gunnar Solskjaer:曼联老板认为不可预测的结果将持续整个赛季

时间:2020-12-16 22:38:55

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes the Premier League will continue to throw up unpredictable results all season because of the condensed schedule and the quality of the "so-called lesser teams"vv斗地主

奥莱·冈纳·索尔斯克亚(Ole Gunnar Solskjaer)认为,由于赛程的紧凑和“小球队”的素质,英超联赛将继续在整个赛季中产生不可预测的结果。 vv斗地主

Liverpool and Manchester City have dominated the league for the past two seasons, while no team has won the title with fewer than 93 points since 2016 - despite that being the sixth-highest points total in the competition"s history


But this season"s table is shaping up very differently, with just five points separating the top half of the table, leading to managers such as Frank Lampard suggesting the points total needed to win the Premier League this season will fall

但是本赛季的表形变化很大,上半部分仅相差5分,导致弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)等经理认为赢得本赛季英超联赛所需的积分总数将下降

None of the big six clubs won last weekend and Solskjaer says the start of the season being delayed due to coronavirus is one of the main factors


Man Utd combine with FareShare to provide 80,000 mealsSouthampton to target Man Utd"s Brandon Williams in JanuaryLiverpool to host Man Utd live on Asked about the unpredictable nature of the 2020/21 season, he said: "It"s a sign of the Premier League and the quality of the so-called lesser teams

曼联与FareShare联合提供80,000顿饭南安普敦将在1月份瞄准曼联的布兰登·威廉姆斯。利物浦举办曼联直播。当被问及2020/21赛季不可预测的性质时,他说:“这是英超联赛的象征,也是英超联赛的标志 所谓的小队

There"s no easy game in the Premier League


"The top teams in the last few seasons, they"ve just had the knack of winning tight games instead of drawing them


"With the tight schedule and whatever is happening in people"s lives, I think yes, we"ll see this throughout this season


"Whoever gets a midweek rest might have a big advantage, because if you play midweek every week, it"s hard to keep everyone 100-per-cent sharp." United will be looking to close the gap on the top four when they travel to Sheffield United - who are experiencing the worst start to a season in Premier League history - on Thursday

“谁能在周中休息就可以拥有很大的优势,因为如果您每周在周中都打球,很难使每个人都保持100%的敏锐度。” 曼联将在周四前往谢菲尔德联队(Sheffield United)时缩小前四名的差距-谢菲尔德联队正经历英超联赛历史上最糟糕的赛季开局-

vv斗地主But they will likely to do without Edinson Cavani, who has missed the last two games with an injury, and Solskjaer says he must be careful with his players as they prepare for a run of six games in 16 days

vv斗地主但是他们很可能会没有爱丁森·卡瓦尼(Edinson Cavani)缺席,后者因伤缺席了最后两场比赛,索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)说,他必须谨慎对待他的球员,因为他们准备在16天内参加六场比赛

"We have to be mindful of little strains and niggles," he said


"Decisions have to be made


"Edinson has done very well in his rehab


We still have to make a decision if we should risk him


I doubt him to be available tomorrow." "We"re grateful to Sheff Utd for Henderson opportunity"Ahead of United"s visit to Brammall Lane, Solskjaer was keen to recognise the role Sheffield United and Chris Wilder have played in the development of Dean Hendersonvv斗地主

我怀疑他明天是否有空。”“我们感谢谢夫·乌特(Sheff Utd)带来的亨德森机会”在曼联访问布拉莫尔巷之前,索尔斯克亚渴望认识到谢菲尔德联队和克里斯·怀尔德在迪恩·亨德森的发展中所扮演的角色 vv斗地主

The goalkeeper returned to Old Trafford this season to compete with David de Gea for the No 1 shirt after two productive seasons with the Blades

守门员经过两个富有成效的赛季,本赛季回到老特拉福德与大卫·德·吉亚(David de Gea)争夺1号球衣

Henderson helped them to promotion to the Premier League before playing a major role in last season"s top-half finish - performances which led to an England debut last month


"It just shows how beneficial some loan deals are," said Solskjaer


"Dean has worked his way up through the ranks

“ Dean在队伍中不断前进

"The two years at Sheffield United has made him more mature - a quality "keeper


He"s had some experiences there, with a great promotion and his year in the Premier League was very valuable for us and him


"He"s made his England debut since he"s come back


He"s learning more the Man Utd style


Our play is a bit different - we have a couple of different demands of him


"We"re very grateful to Sheffield United and Chris that they"ve given him a chance to develop as he did."



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