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Tottenham handed Leicester a couple of early Christmas gifts, as Jamie Vardy"s penalty and Toby Alderweireld"s own goal took the Foxes to a 2-0 victory and second place in the Premier League table on Sunday


At the end of an even first half, Serge Aurier, in what pundit Roy Keane described as a moment of "utter madness", barged into Wesley Fofana in the Spurs box and, after a VAR check, a spot-kick was awarded, which Vardy (45+4) thumped home

甚至在上半场结束时,专家Roy Keane将其描述为“彻底疯狂”的时刻Serge Aurier进入了马刺盒子中的Wesley Fofana,并且在进行VAR检查后被授予了点踢球, 瓦迪(45 + 4)重返家园

The Foxes thought they had gone two clear at the start of the second half, when James Maddison converted a long pass forward, but VAR spotted an offside

狐狸以为他们在下半场开始时已经走了两次,当时詹姆斯·麦迪森(James Maddison)转换了一个长传,但是VAR发现越位

However, the otherwise impressive Alderweireld gave Leicester another helping hand on 59 minutes, turning Vardy"s header into his own net, after the striker out-jumped Moussa Sissoko


The result compounds a bad week for Jose Mourinho"s side, who now have just one win in five Premier League games and sit third ahead of Manchester United"s evening clash with Leeds, but Leicester will spend Christmas as Liverpool"s nearest challengers, four points off top spot


How Leicester won at Spurs...After both teams had suffered midweek defeats in the Premier League, they went into this one looking for a response and it was Leicester who had the earlier half-chances, with Fofana heading over Maddison"s free-kick before Vardy"s volley was blocked behind by Alderweireld

莱切斯特如何在马刺队中获胜...两支球队在英超联赛中经历了周中的失败之后,他们进入了这一行寻求回应,莱切斯特获得了较早的半决赛机会,而福法纳纳则在此之前击败了麦迪森的任意球 Vardy的抽射被Alderweireld挡在后面

Spurs were once again conservative, eventually having their first shot at goal on 34 minutes through a deflected Harry Kane free-kick, which sparked an encouraging spell, with the striker heading over from Heung-Min Son"s corner shortly after

马刺再次变得保守,最终在第34分钟通过偏转的哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)任意球射门,这激发了令人鼓舞的咒语,前锋不久后从兴民儿子的角球驶向

But it was Leicester who went in at the break smiling, when Aurier needlessly barged into Fofana as he tried to pick up a knock-down from Harvey Barnes in the Spurs box in first half injury-time


The foul was initially missed but after a VAR check referee Craig Pawson checked the pitchside monitor and pointed to the spot, from where Vardy crashed in a low shot down the middle

犯规最初是被错过的,但是在VAR检查裁判Craig Pawson检查了球场旁的监视器并指出那个点后,Vardy从中间坠落在低射中

ps2游戏排行That was Leicester"s eighth converted penalty in the Premier League this season, three more than anyone else


It was the first time Tottenham had been behind in the Premier League at half-time this season and they were almost instantly 2-0 down after the restart, when Maddison fired in from James Justin"s long pass forward - but a VAR check spotted a narrow offside infringement

这是托特纳姆热刺本赛季上半场第一次落后于英超联赛,并且在重新开始后几乎立即以2-0落后,当时麦迪森从詹姆斯·贾斯汀的长传中射出-但VAR检查发现狭窄 越位侵权

How the teams lined up | Match statsGet | Get a PassPremier League table | Premier League top scorersPremier League fixtures | Premier League resultsSpurs, who had replaced Tanguy Ndombele with Gareth Bale, lost Giovani Lo Celso to injury in the aftermath and amid those changes struggled to click into gear as they searched for a leveller

队伍如何排列 比赛统计数据 获取PassPremier League表| 英超联赛最佳射手|英超联赛赛程| 英超联赛结果马刺用加雷斯·贝尔(Gareth Bale)替换了坦古·恩多姆贝尔(Tanguy Ndombele),随后吉奥瓦尼·洛·塞尔索(Giovani Lo Celso)因受伤而受伤,而在这些变化中,他们努力寻找平地机时难以适应

Sergio Reguilon thought his side should have had a penalty from a handball in the Leicester box just before the hour mark but his appeals were waved away - and seconds later the visitors had doubled their leadps2游戏排行

塞尔吉奥·雷吉隆(Sergio Reguilon)认为,在小时标记之前,他的球队本该在莱斯特(Leicester)盒子中受到手球的惩罚,但他的诉求却被挥了挥手-几秒钟后,访客的领先优势翻了一番 ps2游戏排行

Marc Albrighton progressed down the right and crossed for Vardy, who beat Sissoko in the six-yard box and then saw his off-target header accidentally bundled in by Alderweireld

马克·奥尔布赖顿(Marc Albrighton)右移,到达瓦尔迪(Vardy),后者在六码箱子中击败了西索科(Sissoko),然后看到他的目标外头球被阿尔德韦勒德(Alderweireld)意外捆绑

Kane shot at Kasper Schmeichel and his strike partner Son drew a superb reaction stop from the Leicester "keeper as Spurs tried to get back into the game, but despite a late handball shout against Fofana, showed little signs of denying Brendan Rodgers" side a sixth away win in seven Premier League trips

凯恩(Kane)向卡斯珀·舒梅切尔(Kasper Schmeichel)开枪,而他的罢工搭档儿子(Son)在热刺试图重回比赛中时,从莱斯特(Leicester)的门将中做出了出色的反应,但尽管对手手球对阵福法纳(Fofana)的呼喊声很晚,却丝毫没有否认布伦丹·罗杰斯(Brendan Rodgers)的位置 七次英超联赛客场胜利

Opta statsTottenham have lost two of their last three Premier League games against Leicester (W1), as many defeats as in their previous 12 games against the Foxes in the competition (W7 D3).Leicester have gained their first Premier League away win against Spurs since a 1-0 victory in 2015-16 (the season they lifted the Premier League trophy).Leicester City will be in the first two places of the top-flight table at Christmas in consecutive seasons for the first time in their history.Leicester have won 18 points in their last seven games on the road (W6 L1), the most they"ve collected in their first seven away games of a league season in their history (assuming three points for a win).Leicester"s Jamie Vardy has been directly involved in seven goals (five goals, two assists) in seven Premier League away games against Spurs, more than versus any other opponent on the road in the competition.Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers gained his first victory in all competitions against a Jose Mourinho side, having failed to win any of his previous seven such encounters (D2 L5).Leicester"s Jamie Vardy has scored 19 goals in his last 19 Premier League away games, whilst he has become the first player to score an away goal against an opponent at three different venues in the competition (White Hart Lane, Wembley and Tottenham Hotspur stadium).No player has scored more own-goals for Spurs in the Premier League than Toby Alderweireld - three (along with Harry Kane).Since joining Spurs for the 2017-18 season, Serge Aurier has given away four penalties in the Premier League, second only to David Luiz in this period (five).What"s next?Tottenham travel to Stoke on Wednesday for a Carabao Cup quarter-final, which you can watch live on Football from 5pm; kick-off 5.30pm

Opta的统计数据热刺在最近三场英超联赛对莱斯特(W1)的比赛中输了两场,与此前十二场对阵狐狸(W7 D3)的失利一样多。在2015-16赛季(他们获得英超联赛冠军)的比赛中,他们以1-0取得了胜利。莱斯特城队将连续第几个赛季在圣诞节连续两个赛季进入顶级联赛的前两名。莱斯特最近的七场比赛(W6 L1)赢得了18分,这是他们有史以来联赛赛季前七场客场比赛中收集的最多分(假设赢得三分)。在对阵马刺的七场英超联赛客场比赛中,他七次进球(五个进球,两次助攻),超过了比赛中任何其他对手。莱斯特老板布伦丹·罗杰斯在所有比赛中都击败了穆里尼奥,赢得了他的首场胜利莱斯特的杰米·瓦迪(Jamie Vardy)在最近的19场英超联赛客场比赛中打进19球,而他已成为第一位在对手对阵客场进球的球员三个不同的比赛场地(白鹿巷,温布利和托特纳姆热刺体育场)。在英超联赛中,没有比托比·奥尔德韦尔德(Toby Alderweireld)更高的马刺自进球数-三个(与哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)一起)。自2017年加入马刺以来-18赛季,塞尔吉·奥瑞尔(Serge Aurier)放弃了英超联赛的四项处罚,在此期间仅次于大卫·路易斯(五次)。下一步是什么?托特纳姆热刺周三前往斯托克参加了卡拉宝杯四分之一决赛,您可以现场观看比赛从下午5点开始上足球;开球5.30pm

They then play Wolves on December 27, live on Premier League from 7pm; kick-off 7.15pm

然后,他们将于12月27日扮演狼队,从晚上7点开始在英超联赛直播; 开球7.15pm

Next up for Leicester is an intriguing Boxing Day clash with Man Utd



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