托特纳姆热刺3-3西汉姆联:曼努埃尔·兰兹尼(Manuel Lanzini)在马刺放倒领先的情况下得分受伤

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Spurs endured a horrific three-goal, second-half collapse as Manuel Lanzini"s last-minute stunner secured West Ham a 3-3 draw on Gareth Bale"s Premier League return


Spurs looked to have put the game beyond their visitors inside a quarter of an hour as they raced into a three-goal lead


Heung-Min Son scored a fine opener from Harry Kane"s stunning pass with just 45 seconds played, before the two combined again for Kane"s shot to nutmeg Angelo Ogbonna and wrong-foot Lukasz Fabianski (8)

Heung-Min Son仅仅用了45秒就从Harry Kane的惊人传球中获得了一个很好的开场白,然后两人再次合并为Kane射向肉豆蔻Angelo Ogbonna和错误的脚Lukasz Fabianski(8)

West Ham were pulled apart every time Tottenham attacked early on, and Kane doubled his tally on the quarter-hour from Sergio Reguilon"s back-post cross as they showed the confidence of their stunning wins at Southampton and Manchester United in recent weeks


But after West Ham hung on until the break, they looked the better side throughout the second period as Spurs floundered, and despite Kane striking a post and Bale"s introduction with 20 minutes to go, it was richly deserved when Fabian Balbuena"s header from an Aaron Cresswell free-kick beat Hugo Lloris

但是在西汉姆坚持到休息之前,他们在第二阶段的表现都不错,尽管马刺挣扎了,尽管凯恩(Kane)罢了,而鲍尔的引进还有20分钟的路程,当费比安·巴尔布埃纳(Fabian Balbuena)的亚伦·克雷斯韦尔(Aaron Cresswell)的头球出手时,这是当之无愧的任意球击败雨果洛里斯

Spurs had given up a 3-0 lead to win 3-2 at the London Stadium last season and it looked like a case of deja vu when Davinson Sanchez headed beyond his own goalkeeper from Vladimir Coufal"s cross


How the teams lined up | Match statsPremier League table | Fixtures | Live on Sky This time, though, there would be no let-off


After clearing a 94th-minute free-kick seemingly to safety, a stunning drive from substitute Lanzini rattled in off the crossbar to earn West Ham a point and leave Tottenham stunned, and still searching for a first home win this season


"Jekyll and Hyde" Spurs made to payTottenham"s recent goal-glut on the road had yet to be replicated at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, with only one in their two games against Newcastle and Everton, as well as a solitary point


Any worries that run would continue looked to be extinguished with the game barely underway


There were just 45 seconds on the clock when the breakdown of West Ham"s first attack saw Kane pick up the ball midway inside his own half, lift a stunning pass in to meet Son"s run, and, after turning inside Balbuena he buried the ball inside Fabianski"s far post


David Moyes" return to the Hammers" dugout after his Covid-19-enforced absence got worse inside eight minutes, as Son and Kane combined yet again, to move within eight of Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard"s all-time record

大卫·莫耶斯(David Moyes)在八分之内被Covid-19强迫缺席后重返锤击队,因为儿子和凯恩再次合并,在迪迪埃·德罗巴(Didier Drogba)和弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)的历史最高纪录中移至八分之内

The South Korean forward picked up Coufal"s clearing header before finding his strike-partner 25 yards out, and after nutmegging Declan Rice with his first touch, Kane did the same to Ogbonna with his shot moments later, leaving Fabianski unmoved as the ball nestled in his net

这位韩国前锋在找到25码外的罢工搭档之前捡起了Coufal的清空头球,在第一次碰触Declan Rice后,凯恩在出手后的一刻对Ogbonna做了同样的事情,法比安斯基一动不动,因为球依nest在他的净

This Tottenham side have shown their ruthless streak in recent games - scoring 11 against Manchester United and Southampton - and turned the screw early on as two became three with barely a quarter of an hour played


Get Get a NOW TV passKane was the man to get it again, with Son again involved as his flick to Reguilon was perfect for the defender to whip in a cross to the back post which Kane rose above Cresswell with ease to bury and leave the game seemingly as good as over already


West Ham owed Fabianski for putting his body where it hurts to avoid conceding a fourth before the break, when Son"s sliding effort was denied at close quarters by the goalkeeper, but, having hung on without any further punishment at half-time, they missed the chance of the game to give themselves a lifeline after the interval


Having already tested the Spurs defence when Arthur Masuaku fired well over from inside the box, Michail Antonio was given time to turn inside Toby Alderweireld and float in a centre which beat Lloris and just needed glancing in by an unmarked Pablo Fornals, who somehow arched his header over the bar from four yards at most

当亚瑟·马苏库(Arthur Masuaku)从禁区内轻松射门时已经对马刺的防守进行了测试,米歇尔·安东尼奥(Michail Antonio)有时间在托比·阿尔德韦雷德(Toby Alderweireld)内转身,并漂浮在一个击败洛里斯的中锋上,只需要看一眼未加标记的帕勃罗·福纳尔(Pablo Fornals),他就以某种方式拱手最多四码远超过酒吧的标头

Spurs continued to stutter as Sanchez blocked a Balbuena header on the line, before Jose Mourinho introduced Bale with 20 minutes to play as he looked to spark his side back into life


He came close when Kane wriggled into space outside the box and aimed for the far corner, but the woodwork came to Fabianski"s rescue as his effort bounced away to safety


Instead, Moyes was finally given something to cheer about on his return to the dugout eight minutes from time as Balbuena beat Moussa Sissoko to Cresswell"s free-kick, before history repeated itself - nearly a year on from West Ham pulling back from 3-0 down to record a 3-2 defeat against Spurs in Mourinho"s first game in charge

取而代之的是,Moyes终于在八分钟后重返独木舟时得到了一些欢呼,因为巴尔布埃纳击败穆萨·西索科(Moussa Sissoko)成为克雷斯韦尔(Cresswell)的任意球,在历史重演之前-距西汉姆联队将近3年从3-0落后在穆里尼奥的首场比赛中以3-2击败马刺

Another cross, this time from Coufal, was inviting enough - but not for Sanchez, who clumsily nodded beyond Lloris to set up a nervous finish for the hosts


Tottenham just survived on that occasion - but their luck ran out this time around


After Bale had shown superb close control to beat Ogbonna before firing wide of the near post with the goal gaping, substitute Lanzini proved the surprise hero of the piece when latching onto a loose ball from Harry Winks with his thunderous 20-yard drive leaving Lloris with no chance as it crashed in off the crossbarnba韦德十佳球

在Bale表现出极好的近距离控制力击败Ogbonna并在远射前将目标拉开之前,替补的Lanzini用雷霆的20码开球从Harry Winks扑向一个松散的球时,证明了这件作品的令人惊讶的英雄,这让Lloris它没有机会掉进横梁nba韦德十佳球

West Ham"s players and staff celebrated wildly on the pitch having completed a comeback no-one had seen coming, while stony-faced Spurs were left still seeking their first home win of the season after three attempts


What the managers said...Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho: "The context of the game, it was under control, we had Harry Kane to score the fourth when it hit the post, we had Gareth to kill the game also


The game was more with the space they were giving us, the game was more to the fourth goal than other things but that"s football and we were punished


"[At half-time] I said many things but I basically told them to keep it the same


I told them to be aware of lots of set-pieces that we have against us, which we knew they are very strong at


"They are a team with huge guys and very powerful in the air


In Tomas Soucek, David has found his new (Marouane) Fellaini and he has lots of aerial power and in the end they were lucky

David在Tomas Soucek中找到了他的新(Marouane)Fellaini,他拥有大量的空中力量,最终他们很幸运

But in the end, they fought very hard to be lucky so I praise them." West Ham manager David Moyes: "The half-time team-talk was actually really difficult because you"re 3-0 down but I actually thought the team played really well, except for the opening five or 10 minutes


Probably the toughest decision was not to make any decision because it"s always quite easy as a manager to feel like you have to make a decision and change things, but I didn"t think we needed it, we were playing well enough


"Obviously we"d given away three goals, which I couldn"t believe


These things happen and I think it"s the way football has been at the moment


We didn"t defend well enough in the opening 10 minutes or so, but after that, I think we did a fairly good job


"As a manager at times, it"s very difficult to use the word "proud" very often because there are moments that you get it, but I"ve got to say tonight was a really proud moment to be manager of the team because of how well they played, how well they kept at it, their honesty, they never gave in, they kept going


It"s a big result and it"s a local derby as well so hopefully the supporters will enjoy us getting back into it." Analysis: Loss not Mourinho"s fault with West Ham fortunate " Jamie Carragher: "I can"t be too critical of Spurs really


When looking at the result without watching the game, the easiest thing to say is that Jose sat in when it was 3-0 and normally you"d see him bring on holding midfield players and try and be compact, make it difficult for the opposition and not really attack


"But he brought Gareth Bale, Lucas Moura and Harry Winks on, who is a technical midfield player on if you like, so I actually think Jose will be in the dressing room now thinking, "I wish I had blocked the game off and brought on more defensive subs"

“但是他带来了Gareth Bale,Lucas Moura和Harry Winks,如果你愿意的话,他是技术中场球员,所以我实际上认为Jose现在会在更衣室里思考,"我希望我能阻止比赛并带来在更多的防御潜艇上

"I just think West Ham have been quite fortunate


I thought they were quite poor in the first half and they were much better second half, which was obvious it was going to happen because they couldn"t be any worse


They get a great goal, an own goal and one from a set-piece and it just sums up the Premier League this season really


"But I can"t be overly critical of Spurs


I didn"t see too many times when they were opened up by West Ham, not once in the first half and I don"t remember it too much in the second half


Sometimes these freak games happen now and again in football, it just feels like they"re happening every weekend in the Premier League at the moment


"If you asked me if Tottenham"s attacking players are good enough to win a league title, I"d say yes


I"m still not convinced that centre-back wise, they"ve got a real top centre-back, but how many teams have? We know about the news with Virgil Van Dijk, so Liverpool haven"t got that

我仍然不相信中后卫是明智的,他们拥有真正的顶级中后卫,但是有多少支球队呢?我们知道有关维吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil Van Dijk)的消息,所以利物浦还没有

"I think the title race this season is going to be up for grabs and could go anywhere really


With the games going forward, you would expect more consistency - it won"t continue like this every week


"But for Spurs, that is the one area they need to improve, defensively


It"s been a while since they"ve kept a clean sheet and Jose is a manager who you associate with clean sheets


He"ll be kicking himself now but I don"t think it was down to his decisions in terms of sitting back." Man of the match - Harry Kane Although let down in the final 10 minutes by his team-mates" atrocious defending, Kane continued his stunning form in front of goal, with 10 goals in his last 10 games for club and country after his double against West Ham

他现在会踢自己,但我不认为这取决于他的后坐决定。”比赛的人-哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)尽管在最后10分钟因队友的残酷防守而失望,凯恩(Kane)继续在球门前保持惊人的状态,在与西汉姆联(West Ham)的两次加冕之后,他在俱乐部和国家队的最后10场比赛中打入10球

But even with two finishes of such differing style to demonstrate he is a striker for all seasons, it was his assist for Son"s opener which proved the most impressive


Already on to seven assists for the season now, five more than he contributed in 2019/20, his development into a creator as well as a goalscorer under Jose Mourinho, as detailed by " Nick Wright, continues

到目前为止,本赛季已经提供了七次助攻,比他在2019/20赛季的贡献多了五次,他在乔·穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)的领导下发展成为一名创造者以及一名射手,继续由尼克·赖特(Nick Wright)

Match factsWest Ham are the first team in Premier League history to avoid defeat in a game having trailed by 3+ goals as late as the 81st minute.Tottenham (D1 L2) have failed to win any of their opening three home games of a Premier League season for just the fourth time (and first time since 2017-18), conceding stoppage time equalisers in each of their last two.Harry Kane has now been directly involved in 12 Premier League goals for Spurs this season (5 goals, 7 assists), the highest number of direct goal involvements by a player after five games of a single campaign.Tottenham were 3-0 up within 16 minutes against West Ham, the earliest they have scored three times in a single Premier League game since August 2007 v Derby County (14 mins).Since Jose Mourinho took charge of Spurs in November 2019, Harry Kane (33) and Son Heung-Min (30) have had a direct hand in more goals in all competitions than any other Premier League players.What"s next?Tottenham start their Europa League group campaign against LASK next up, hosting the Austrian side on Thursday; Kick-off at 8pm

比赛情况西汉姆是英超历史上第一支避免在一场比赛中失利的球队,该比赛在第81分钟时落后3个进球以上,热刺(D1 L2)未能赢得英超联赛开场三场主场比赛中的任何一场本赛季仅第四次(也是自2017-18以来的首次),他们过去两个赛季的失球时间均等。哈里·凯恩现在已经直接参与了本赛季马刺的12个英超进球(5个进球,7次助攻)。 ,是单场比赛经过5场比赛之后,球员直接进球最多的一次。热刺在16分钟内对阵西汉姆联时以3-0领先,这是自2007年8月对德比以来一场比赛中单场进球最多的三倍郡(14分钟)。自从穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)在2019年11月掌管马刺以来,哈里·凯恩(33)和孙香敏(30)在所有比赛中直接交出比其他任何英超球员更多的进球。托特纳姆热刺队开始了他们的欧罗巴联赛接下来对LASK表示敬意,于星期四接待奥地利一方;晚上8点开始

West Ham face a tough home game against Manchester City next Saturday; Kick-off at 12.30pm



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