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The Premier League beckons for Ollie Watkins

英超为Ollie Watkins招手

The 24-year-old forward has emerged as one of the stars of the Championship having scored 26 goals for Brentford this season - the most recent of them helping the Bees past Swansea to secure a place in the play-off final at Wembley


It is the sort of return that has observers routinely describing him as a natural in front of goal2012金钱龟价格


On the face of it, his journey has been a smooth one taking him from the lower leagues with Exeter City through to the Championship with Brentford where he has increased his goal tally in each of his three seasons


But Watkins" route has not been quite so straightforward


Brentford see off Swansea to reach finalWhen are the Championship play-offs?In fact, there was a time when one of the more exciting prospects in English football was struggling to convince his coaches that he was worthy of a place in Exeter"s reserve side2012金钱龟价格


A time when his performances on loan at Weston-super-Mare were proving underwhelming


Paul Tisdale, the manager who gave Watkins his Football League debut, is a huge admirer of the player and the man

保罗·蒂斯代尔(Paul Tisdale)是沃特金斯(Watkins)首次参加足球联赛的经纪人,他是球员和球员的忠实崇拜者

The story of how he helped to guide this special talent highlights the work that Watkins has had to do to fulfil his potential and the importance of coaching


"Ollie really liked playing on the left wing," Tisdale tells


"That is where he preferred and we played him there at first


He had a whole season at Weston-super-Mare


"I went to watch him when he was on loan there and he was just not making any progress because he was stood on the wing waiting for people to pass the ball to him


"I told him at that point that he could not play there any more because it was not helping him psychologically in terms of how he saw his contribution to the game


"The only way that was going to happen was if he played in a position where he felt that at any moment the ball could be coming his way


So we moved him and he played as a striker." That change of position was significant but it was the change in his head that was crucial


"I call it psychological repositioning," explains Tisdale


Get - All channels 2m." Interestingly, Watkins finally moved back to the centre-forward position this past season and responded by finishing as the second highest goalscorer in the Championship


"That is why I smile to myself now when I see him doing so well as a striker after playing on the left for a couple of years at Brentford," adds Tisdale


"The reason he got his move was because we had moved him into that position


That was where his progress was made." Ollie Watkins" progress might not be over yet

那就是他取得进步的地方。” Ollie Watkins的进步可能尚未结束

Paul Tisdale was manager of Exeter City for 12 years, winning two promotions, before joining MK Dons in 2018 and winning promotion to League One in his first season there

保罗·提斯代尔(Paul Tisdale)担任埃克塞特市(Exeter City)经理已有12年,赢得了两次晋升,之后于2018年加入MK Dons,并在他的第一个赛季赢得了联赛第一的晋升

Find out more about Paul"s work as a coach, consultant and businessman here





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