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Winger Filip Stevanovic will join Manchester City in January, according to his current club Partizan The Serbian club announced the news on Saturday afternoon via their official Twitter account

据现任俱乐部Partizan称,温格·菲利普·斯特凡诺维奇(Winger Filip Stevanovic)将于1月份加入曼城。

City are yet to confirm the deal on their official channels


Sky in Italy say City will pay 8m, plus add-ons to sign Stevanovic


The Partizan tweet read: "FC Partizan is pleased to announce the transfer of Filip Stevanovic to @ManCity, in the winter transition period of 2021

Partizan的推文中写道:“ FC Partizan很高兴宣布,Filip Stevanovic将于2021年冬季过渡时期转移到@ManCity。

足球经理2013"The transfer of Filip Stevanovic to one of the largest European clubs is a significant confirmation of the good and hard work of all club structures." Stevanovic is a product of the Partizan academy and made his debut for the club at the age of 16 in December 2018

足球经理2013“菲利普·斯特凡诺维奇(Filip Stevanovic)转移到欧洲最大的俱乐部之一,这充分印证了所有俱乐部结构的良好和努力。”斯特凡诺维奇是游击队学院的产物,并于2018年12月在16岁的俱乐部首次亮相

He has since featured 54 times, scoring 12 goals


Stevanovic has also received international recognition, representing Serbia at U19 and U21 level


Guardiola: I want to stay longer at Man City Pep Guardiola hopes to remain at City beyond this season despite Barcelona presidential candidate Victor Font saying he wants him to return


Font, who is the frontrunner to replace Josep Maria Bartomeu following his resignation earlier this week, told News he wants to bring Guardiola back to the Nou Camp while also holding onto Lionel Messi

冯特本周早些时候辞职后将接替何塞普·玛丽亚·巴托姆乌(Josep Maria Bartomeu)成为领跑者,他告诉《新闻报》,他想将瓜迪奥拉带回诺坎普球场,同时还保留莱昂内尔·梅西(Lionel Messi)

Guardiola is in the final year of his contract with City but hopes to extend his stay at the Etihad Stadium


"I am incredibly happy here," said Guardiola


"I"m delighted to be in Manchester and I hope I can do a good job this season to stay longer." Pep unsure on Aguero timeframe Guardiola does not yet have a clear timeframe for when record goalscorer Sergio Aguero will be able to return

“我很高兴来到曼彻斯特,希望本赛季我能做得更好,以待更长的时间。” Pep不确定Aguero的时限瓜迪奥拉尚未确定明确的时间表,何时射手射手Sergio Aguero能够返回

Aguero suffered a hamstring injury in last week"s draw at West Ham and could be out for up to a month


足球经理2013"He is progressing," said Guardiola


"He is still is not available to train with us but is progressing." Gabriel Jesus and Nathan Ake have also been sidelined but are closer to returning

“他仍然无法与我们一起训练,但正在进步。”加布里埃尔·耶稣(Gabriel Jesus)和内森·阿克(Nathan Ake)也被淘汰,但离回归很近

Benjamin Mendy, however, looks set to be out longer


"Gabriel is getting better, Nathan is getting better," said Guardiola


"The others we will check today [Friday] but Mendy can"t train."



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