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Scotland"s league clubs remain split on how to decide the current campaign if another coronavirus spike forces the season to be cut short again


Scottish Professional Football League chief Neil Doncaster admits there is "no consensus" among the body"s 42 member clubs after examining the responses to a questionnaire sent to chairmen

苏格兰职业足球联盟主席尼尔·唐卡斯特(Neil Doncaster)在审查了发送给主席的问卷调查后,承认该机构的42个成员俱乐部之间“没有共识”

The Hampden boss is keen to avoid a repeat of the bitter fall-out that followed the curtailment of last term"s action, when Celtic were awarded the Premiership title and Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer were handed enforced relegations as the UK was rushed into lockdown

汉普顿老板渴望避免在上届削减任期后出现惨痛的后果,当时凯尔特人被授予英超冠军头衔,红心大战,Partick Thistle和Stranraer被迫降级,因为英国被迫进入封锁

The SPFL board have already made one unsuccessful attempt to claim extra powers that would allow them to decide how to end the season if Covid-19 cases continue to spread across the country and Doncaster confessed indecision continues to reign through Scotland"s top four tiers


Rangers suspend duo over Covid breachDundee United set for cost-cutting measuresSPFL to investigate St Mirren over alleged Covid-19 breachBut he has vowed to continue talks with clubs in the hope an agreement can be reached

游骑兵因Covid违规而暂停二人组Dundee United采取了削减成本的措施SPFL就涉嫌Covid-19违规事件对圣米伦进行了调查,但他誓言将继续与俱乐部进行会谈,希望能够达成协议

SPFL chief executive Doncaster said: "We are grateful to all those clubs who responded to the questionnaire2013机器人足球赛


"It is very clear from the responses that there is no consensus, let alone the necessary majorities, for any decision to be taken now about how we might draw this season to a close if it becomes impracticable to complete all fixtures as a result of Covid 19 disruption


"Like everyone in the game, the board is keen to avoid the division and dispute caused when Scottish Government restrictions prompted by Covid-19 forced the curtailment of last season


"In light of the fast-changing nature of coronavirus restrictions, the board is seeking to ensure that the game is as well-prepared as it can be for any eventuality and the League is consulting regularly with all 42 member clubs


"We have already carried out one such consultation exercise this season and the second, which we have just completed, is unlikely to be the last


In the interests of transparency, we expect that we"ll continue to monitor and publish the collective views of clubs as the season develops." Only 20 clubs agreed that the SPFL Board should be given powers allowing them to call the season on a points per game basis once a number of matches had been played, while just 17 backed plans that would give the league the right to void the entire season if another lockdown was to be called for at an early stage in the campaign


Challenge to issue of 3-0 defeat if Covid affects clubsThe one thing the clubs could agree on was their rejection of calls for clubs failing to fulfil a fixture because of the virus to be handed a 3-0 defeat, with 38 members voicing their disapproval


That follows on from a debate sparked by Kilmarnock and St Mirren"s recent call-offs after both sides found themselves unable to raise a team after being hit by Covid outbreaks

这是继基尔马诺克(Kilmarnock)和圣米伦(St Mirren)最近被取消席位引发的辩论之后的,双方都发现自己在受到Covid爆发的打击后无法组建一支队伍

The Premiership pair face an SPFL disciplinary hearing next week and a number of teams admitted they would prefer to take their chances with "due process" should they find themselves in a similar situation2013机器人足球赛


In a statement, the SPFL added: "A wide range of views were expressed as to how many fixtures should be completed for a valid season to be deemed to have been completed, in the event of early curtailment


"Nineteen clubs felt that it was "too early to take decisions now" and that decisions on any Covid-19 related disruption should be considered later in the season." But Doncaster remains confident the SPFL will be able to squeeze all its fixtures in before the scheduled climax in the middle of May


He said: "The board continues to seek to complete every scheduled league fixture on its scheduled date, except where necessarily dislocated by cup matches, and welcomes the Scottish FA board decision to have no replays in Scottish Cup matches during the current season


"Encouragingly, the Scottish Government"s Covid-19 Strategic Framework underlines that professional football will continue to be permitted, even under Tier 4 restrictions, giving us the best possible chance of completing the season, and that remains our over-riding focus."



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