Vivianne Miedema:阿森纳前锋坚称自己成为历史上WSL最佳射手后会变得更好

时间:2020-11-06 15:12:51

Arsenal striker Vivianne Miedema insists she can get better despite becoming the Women"s Super League all-time leading goalscorer

阿森纳前锋维维安内·米德玛(Vivianne Miedema)坚称,尽管成为女子超级联赛史上最佳射手,她仍能变得更好

The forward"s hat-trick against rivals Tottenham just before the international break took her to 52 goals in England"s top division - at a rate of more than a goal a game - going ahead of Nikita Parris" record in just 50 matches

在国际突破前,这位前锋对对手托特纳姆热刺的帽子戏法将她带入了英格兰顶级联赛的52个进球-超过一场比赛的进球率-仅在50场比赛中领先于Nikita Parris的记录

Miedema told News: "To get the 50th goal out of the way is nice and I appreciate everything said


"I"m in form and I"ve shown it over the last three seasons


真人欢乐捕鱼I also know that I can be better than I am now and I want to look back in five or six years" time and think "yeah, that was an amazing time at Arsenal"." Govt in talks over resuming Women"s FA CupContinental Cup: Man City beat LiverpoolThe WSL season was curtailed in February when the coronavirus pandemic struck, meaning players went months without the regular football activities


Many professionals, just as millions around the country, struggled without the purpose and routine of regular life but Miedema admits the time away from the pitch has enabled her to refocus on what"s important and was what her game needed


"It"s been a bit of a rollercoaster for everyone but I really, really enjoyed lockdown


It allowed me to spend time with my family and do different things for once


"Over the last 10 seasons I haven"t had much time off and after the first three months, I wasn"t really missing it but when we got closer to coming back, I got really excited


"Me being on the pitch now, I feel like I"m a different person and I feel like I can enjoy it more


It"s allowed me to become a better player now真人欢乐捕鱼


"I definitely don"t want to go into a second proper lockdown as an athlete but the time off was nice to reflect on a lot of things and I feel like I"ve benefitted from it." Over the last few years, Miedema has become one of the biggest names in the sport by helping the Netherlands win the European Championships in 2017, playing in a World Cup final two years" later, winning the WSL with Arsenal and being shortlisted for the Ballon d"Or


But the 24-year old, who is always forthright when it comes to talk of her own fame, manages to crack a smile when Ian Wright is mentioned as one of her biggest supporters

但是当谈到自己的名声时,这位24岁的女孩总是直率的。当提到伊恩·赖特(Ian Wright)是她最大的支持者之一时,她设法笑了

"I"m not the biggest fan of being in the spotlight but this is the way the women"s game is developing


"It"s really cool, it"s nice for the old and current professionals to bond over women"s football


"I"ve met Ian a few times online and he talks a lot but that"s good because he"s funny


It"s really good to have contact with a club legend and for someone like him to support the women"s game


Miedema will be part of the Netherlands squad to travel to Tokyo for the Olympics next summer, which will be the last tournament Sarina Wiegman leads her country before joining as England"s head coach

Miedema将成为明年夏天前往东京参加奥运会的荷兰队的一部分,这将是Sarina Wiegman带领她的国家参加的最后一场比赛,然后加入英格兰担任总教练

Miedema admits Wiegman"s next job has come up unexpectedly in the Netherlands camp, much to the amusement of the team


"She"s had a couple of moments in meeting where she"s said "England" instead of "Netherlands" and we"ve been laughing about it but we are just focused on what we want to achieve


"We are a dark horse真人欢乐捕鱼


There should be a lot of countries performing better than we are, I won"t say we need to win it but we know where we stand." Arsenal"s WSL title challenge faces a potentially season-defining run, with Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City all opponents during their next four league games


Miedema says she enjoyed seeing global names like Pernille Harder, Sam Mewis, Rose Lavelle, Christen Press and Tobin Heath move to England this summer and it"s a challenge she"s enjoying taking on

Miedema说,她喜欢看到Pernille Harder,Sam Mewis,Rose Lavelle,Christen Press和Tobin Heath等全球知名品牌今年夏天移居英国,这是她乐于接受的挑战

"I love facing good players and it"s amazing for the league with all the big players wanting to play here and it"s only going to get better over the next couple of years


It"s great to play against World Champions and amazing players who have achieved so much in Europe


"It"s still early doors, we want to build on what we"ve done


We want to be chased by the rest."



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