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Bailey Peacock-Farrell has billed Northern Ireland"s European Championship play-off final against Slovakia as having the makings of one of the country"s greatest nights

Bailey Peacock-Farrell在北爱尔兰对斯洛伐克的欧洲冠军附加赛决赛中称其为该国最伟大的夜晚之一

Northern Ireland know a win at Windsor Park on Thursday will book their place in next summer"s re-arranged Euros, four years after they ended a 30-year wait for a major tournament appearance at Euro 2016


Peacock-Farrell hopes they can lean on that experience within the squad as they prepare for their winner-takes-all clash


"It has the potential to be one of the best nights that probably half the squad get to experience, obviously the other half have done Greece and have that memory, that experience in the bank," the Burnley goalkeeper saidnbasohu


make Scotland and Northern Ireland Euro 2020 play-off finals available free-to-airJosh Magennis: There will be tears if Northern Ireland reach EurosJonny Evans in contention for NI showdown with Slovakia"That"s going to play a big part in Thursday, and, obviously [for] the lads like myself who weren"t in the squad in 2016, it certainly would be up there with one of the best things so far." Ian Baraclough"s side had to hold their nerve in last month"s qualification semi-final, where they beat Bosnia on penalties

乔恩·马格尼斯(Josh Magennis):如果北爱尔兰到达欧元区,乔恩·埃文斯(Jonny Evans)争夺NI与斯洛伐克的对决,那将是一场痛苦的比赛。 [对于]像我这样的小伙子们来说,他们在2016年没有参加过,肯定会有迄今为止最好的事情之一。“伊恩·巴拉克拉夫(Ian Baraclough)的一面不得不在上个月的资格赛半决赛中保持神经,他们在点球大战中击败波斯尼亚

As they seek to emulate the achievements of the Michael O"Neill era, which saw the country reach the last 16 of Euro 2016, Peacock-Farrell is fully aware of what a win would meannbasohu

当他们试图效仿迈克尔·奥尼尔(Michael O"Neill)时代取得的成就时,该国达到了2016年欧洲杯的最后16个席位,孔雀·法瑞尔(Peacock-Farrell)充分意识到获胜的意义nbasohu

The 24-year-old does, however, believe home advantage could be pivotal for Northern Ireland


Just over 1,000 fans are expected to attend the match in a socially-distanced capacity at Windsor Park, following on from the 600 who were there for the Austria game last month


"We are good, we are looking forward to it," Peacock-Farrell said


"We are obviously aware of how hard it is going to be, the difficulty of the game, and obviously the emotional aspect of it is getting to the Euros so the stakes are high


"But at the end of the day, it"s just a game of football and we are at home which is a massive advantage for us


"Obviously as a footballer you dream of those situations and you hope to be there


"Now we have got that chance, I have got the chance to achieve that with a win on Thursday night


"Not trying to get ahead of ourselves and things like that, but as a footballer you want to be at those major tournaments and Thursday night is the path to get there." Magennis: There will be tears if Northern Ireland reach Euros Josh Magennis says there will be tears if Northern Ireland beat Slovakia on Thursday to book their place at next summer"s European Championships

“不要试图超越自己以及诸如此类的事情,但是作为一名足球运动员,你想参加那些大型比赛,而周四晚上就是到达那里的道路。” Magennis:如果北爱尔兰达到欧元将有眼泪Josh Magennis说,如果北爱尔兰在周四击败斯洛伐克以预定他们在明年夏天的欧洲锦标赛中的位置,这将是眼泪

Victory would take them to their second consecutive Euros, and their second major finals in the 34 years since reaching the 1986 World Cup


Hull City striker Magennis is under no illusions as to the significance of what qualification would mean for the country


Coronavirus: Irish FA calls for financial supportNI turn to Ryan McLaughlin for crunch Slovakia showdown "It would be absolutely massive," said Magennis who was a part of the Northern Ireland squad at the 2016 finals

冠状病毒:爱尔兰足协呼吁财政支持NI求助于Ryan McLaughlin进行斯洛伐克对决,“这绝对是巨大的,”参加2016年决赛的北爱尔兰大队成员Magennis说

"To say you got to one major tournament is beyond believable, to say if you were able to get to two, to go to both, it will be class


"There will be as much tears as there was the first time, so it will be amazing


"If you need any more inspiration or you need to get yourself geed up for these games, then I think you are in the wrong sport."



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