Sky Bet锦标赛,本月的第一联赛和第二联赛进球

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Voting for Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two Goals of the Month is open until Monday, October 12 at 3pm

投票参加Sky Bet锦标赛,本月的联赛一和联赛二的目标开放至10月12日星期一下午3点

Sky Bet ChampionshipYakou Meite - READING v Rotherham United - October 24 Meite combined an overhead kick with a scissors kick to thunder home a goal that looks better with every viewing - testimony to both speed of thought and his acrobatic brilliance

雅虎·梅特(Yakou Meite)-雷丁v罗瑟勒姆联(Rotherham United)-10月24日,梅特(Meite)将头顶踢与剪刀踢相结合,以雷打回球,目的是在每次观看时看起来都更好-证明了思想速度和他的杂技辉煌

Alex Mowatt - Millwall v BARNSLEY - October 24 As Mowatt rushed forward, a headed clearance bounced towards him

亚历克斯·莫瓦特(Alex Mowatt)-Millwall v BARNSLEY-10月24日,当莫瓦特(Mowatt)向前冲时,朝他扑去的是头球

Without breaking his stride, he allowed the ball to roll off his body and caught it with a stunning left-foot volley


Jayden Stockley - PRESTON NORTH END v Birmingham City - October 31 When a player known for his heading ability chests a ball 30 yards out, the last thing you expect him to do is catch it so sweetly as it drops, it is dipping under the bar a moment later

Jayden Stockley-PRESTON NORTH END v伯明翰城-10月31日,当一个以其领先的发球能力着称的球员将球放到30码外时,您期望他做的最后一件事是当球掉落时甜蜜地接住球,将球浸入酒吧下稍后

五人制足球场地Head here to vote on Twitter! Sky Bet League One Marcus Harness - Burton Albion v PORTSMOUTH - October 3 Having already scored two beauties, Harness topped them both to clinch his hat-trick

五人制足球场地前往这里在Twitter上投票! Sky Bet联赛一马库斯·哈尼斯(Marcus Harness)-伯顿·阿尔比恩(Burton Albion)诉PORTSMOUTH-十月3日

A crafty backheel sent the ball into space before he lifted a deft clip into the far bottom corner


Callum Camps - FLEETWOOD TOWN v Oxford United - October 31 As he hurried upfield in support, Camps suddenly found the ball speeding towards him

卡勒姆·坎普斯(Callum Camps)-FLEETWOOD TOWN v牛津联(Oxford United)-10月31日当他急忙上场支援时,坎普斯突然发现球朝他飞速

He dropped anchor, balanced himself and sent in a lazy, looping shot that found the top corner


Ben Whiteman - DONCASTER ROVERS v Lincoln City - October 31 Whiteman was in constant motion as he laid off a wall pass, collected the return on the run, touched the ball forward and then calmly judged his strike of a bouncing ball to perfection

本·怀特曼(Ben Whiteman)-DONCASTER ROVERS诉林肯市-10月31日,怀特曼(Whiteman)不断前进,因为他解雇了一次壁传球,在奔跑中获得了回程,向前碰球,然后冷静地判断出他弹跳球的打击是否完美。

Head here to vote on Twitter! Sky Bet League Two Scott Twine - Cambridge United v NEWPORT COUNTY - October 10 Twine had thoughts of passing the ball on when he skipped away from a challenge in midfield五人制足球场地

前往这里在Twitter上投票! Sky Bet League 2 Scott Twine-剑桥联v NEWPORT县-10月10日Twine跳过中场的挑战时,曾想到传球五人制足球场地

That was until he saw the opportunity to strike a searing 25-yard shot in off the bar五人制足球场地


Zak Dearnley - OLDHAM ATHLETIC v Carlisle United - October 20 With two Carlisle defenders around him, Dearnley played the magic disappearing ball trick to drag the ball into his path on the turn

扎克·达恩利(Zak Dearnley)-OLDHAM ATHLETIC v卡莱尔联(Carlisle United)-10月20日在他身边有两位卡莱尔后卫的情况下,戴恩利(Dearnley)发挥了魔术消失的球技,将球拖到转弯处

He followed that up with a delightfully clipped finish


George Nurse - Bradford City v WALSALL - October 20 A lot of left-backs have a great left foot, but they still aren"t supposed to go on a rampaging run from the halfway line, weave in and out and unleash a low shot into the bottom corner

乔治·奈瑟(George Nurse)-布拉德福德城(Bradford City)诉沃尔斯(WALSALL)-10月20日,许多左后卫的左脚都很好,但仍然不应该在中途奔跑,向内编织和向后空投低投底角

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